Identify the Rewards of a Tax Efficient Retirement Strategy

An Educational Course for Adults

Tax Efficient Retirement Strategies

What You Should Know First

As a follow-up to our Social Security Workshop we offer a free, 90 –minute workshop focused on the risks and rewards of a tax efficient retirement strategy. Having a tax efficient retirement strategy can impact your retirement sources. We show you how to determine your retirement income needs and look at ways in which your assets can continue to grow after you retire. Attendance includes a package of valuable handouts full of examples and illustrations, which are yours to keep.

Live Out Your Golden Years in Financial Comfort

Retirement is rated one of life’s most stressful events. We are often asked for our best recommendations to help others live out their golden years in financial comfort. Our instructors will show you how to estimate your income during retirement and look at ways your assets can continue to grow to provide you with the proper level of income and tax efficiency.