Make the Most of Your Social Security Benefits

An Educational Course for Adults

Social Security Planning

What You Should Know First

Join us for a 90–minute Social Security Workshop designed to illustrate the various ways one could file for benefits. Learn strategies to help you make the right decision for your family. There is a lot you need to know and our examples help to make it easier to understand. Attendance includes a package of valuable handouts full of examples and illustrations, which are yours to keep.

Be Aware of Your Irrevocable Filing Options

Did you know there are 567 possible ways to file for social security benefits? You only get one opportunity to file, so being properly informed is crucial! The way people view retirement has changed. Each of us has a unique vision of retirement, but many of us have not taken time to determine how we will live life during retirement. Social Security Benefits are one important factor to retirement planning. We recommend identifying your irrevocable options and knowing which is most appropriate for you prior to filing for benefits.